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Kommeno Corfu

Adding to the value of Castle Luxury Villa is its location. Luxury Villa Castle is nestled within 2000 square meters of prime property in Kommeno, considered one of Corfu’s elite residential areas.

Kommeno headland is an oasis of tranquility and natural beauty with a single one-way road circling the entire district. Several of Corfu’s luxury hotels and exclusive complexes are to be found here and being only 12km from Corfu Town many wealthy Greeks have their holiday residences here too.
Kommeno distinct has maintained a sense of privacy and respect for the rich natural beauty that characterizes the entire area. Luscious flower gardens and thick forest greens are set against the intensely blue Ionian Sea. To reach Castle luxury Villa one drives along one of the largest natural water enclosures in Greece with a postcard view of a small church that looks as if it is floating on water. Unimaginably beautiful the place is used for private wedding ceremonies and christenings with the setting sun in the background adding to the dreamland effect.

Things To Do

Things To Do
Gouvia Bay

Gouvia Bay forms a natural harbour which houses today’s modern marina as well as a 17th century Venetian shipyard.

Things To Do
Private, Daily Cruises

Reserve a Private, Daily Cruise for Finding Out the Natural Beauty of Corfu.

Things To Do
Corfu Town

The old town of Corfu is an architectural masterpiece and in 2007 was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Gouvia Bay

Gouvia Bay forms a natural harbour which houses today’ s modern marina as well as a 17th century Venetian shipyard part of which still remains today. This large natural sea enclosure continues to provide an ideal protected location for harbouring the many private yachts that moor here during the summer. Gouvia Marina is a modern and steadily growing enterprise providing many services and facilities for its guests. Here you can rent a boat for the day or hire a private skipper so you can experience the magic of the Ionian Sea at ease. Sailing upon the crystal blue waters and discovering secluded mermaid coves is certainly top of the to do list. Only 5km form Luxury Villa Castle Gouvia Marina is also a pleasant visit for breakfast or dinner amongst an international jet set of guests.

Corfu Island

Even though Kommeno peninsula is an ideal holiday location because in many ways it summarizes the unique beauty of Corfu Island, it cannot reveal the incredible diversity that characterizes this western Greek isle.

The seductive South offers an endless stretch of golden sand beaches whilst the North- Eastern coast offers picturesque coves and shingle beaches best visited by boat. The North West in turn stands high on mythic cliffs that look out over the Mediterranean Sea whilst central mountain highs suggest distant moonscapes. Corfu Island has it all which is why so many visitors, mesmerized by its energy and beauty, come back time and time again.

Situated geographically as a portal through which one travels from east to west and vice versa, Corfu Island became a crucible of cultures. Many have sought to conquer whilst others have been content with simply living here and enjoying the island’s mythic beauty. Even the shape of the island itself is open to interpretations of divine imagery. In antiquity it was renowned as the only earthly place where the Gods came down to make merry. Music, Art, Theatre, Healing and Relaxation as well as contemporary sport, fun and entertainment make Corfu Island the Cosmopolitan Emerald Jewel of the Mediterranean.

There are many ways to experience a bit of the island during your stay. Cycling, Horse Riding and organised Hiking Tours, for groups as well as private excursions, are an attractive and popular way to feel and see parts of the island that you wouldn’t in conventional ways. Meditating or practicing Yoga outdoors are an accepted and widely practiced form of vacation on Corfu island. Capturing your favourite sunset or paradise beach through a camera lens can also be a highly rewarding experience. Why not join a professional Photo-shoot? Whether as a beginner or an experienced aficionado you are bound to unforgettable moments.

Should relaxation and comfort be your theme for this holiday, ask the concierge at Kommeno Luxury Villa Castle for a list of massage and beauty treatments given at the comfort of your own home. A professional cook can also be asked to provide for all your culinary requirements during your stay or to prepare for a private celebration.